10 Best Free Music Download Sites 100% Work [2024]

By Eva Levy | Last updated: 2024-05-24

Free Music Download

The impact of music and the number of music enthusiasts are progressively expanding. Although we also have wide access to listen to music from different countries on social media. We still feel that downloading music online at no cost can be a challenge at times, because a lot of music download websites are available for purchase. It is so irritating when you are eager to download your favorite music for free.

In bid to help you download music for free, the article prepares a long list of the best MP3 free download websites. All the websites are completely free and reliable.

Longing to learn about these free MP3 music download websites? Please go on reading!

Part 1. 10 Best Free Music Download Sites in 2024

There is no doubt that the internet provides us with great convenience. We can gain much at no cost. Furthermore, the music industry is booming more than ever with the help of the internet. We enjoy many free music download sites every day. It is a big bonus for a music enthusiast who is eager to stream and download songs at any time.

Nevertheless, we are often trapped in finding an excellent free music download website. Well, it is such a big hassle that some complain that they are fed up with looking for the best free music download websites.

Fortunately! The below, we’ve handpicked 10 best free music download sites for you to download free music. They are of great assistance to you!

OKmusi - Best MP3 Download Site for PC & Mac

Where can I download music for free? What is the best free MP3 download site for PC? As one of the top free music download sites, OKmusi is generous in extensive variety of music which can be downloaded easily and for free. You can visit this top music download website on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone or any other device. The only thing you must do is to type what you want or paste song’s link on the search bar. Its swift download speed, multiple music quality options and streaming feature all offer you an unmatched experience.

Furthermore, the clean and nice-looking interface of OKmusi aids in alleviating your eyes fatigue. You will have an opportunity to be exposed to an engaging music world on OKmusi. It is the harbor of your sincere emotion.

Indisputably, OKmusi brings you into a treasure house of free MP3 music. Are you attracted by OKmusi? Don’t hesitate to try it.

OKmusi - best MP3 download site

MP3 Juice Downloader

MP3 Juice Downloader is noted for offering easy access to find and download MP3 music for free.

MP3 Juice Downloader is committed to building a platform where music fanatics can enjoy and download songs for free easily. Search what you want, click the “Download” button, then your longing song is downloaded to your computer.

Moreover, the audio quality to be downloaded contains a broad of levels. The download speed of MP3 Juice Downloader is also a considerable merit. 

The outstanding free music download site MP3 Juice Downloader expects you to explore!

MP3 Juice Downloader

Free MP3 Hunter

A remarkable free music download site is of great benefit to hunt for and download music. Well, Free MP3 Hunter is surely competent in searching for any music from lots of popular websites for you to download. These websites include SoundCloud, TikTok, Instagram and so on.

Furthermore, there is no demand that you have to create an account or log in. The interface of Free MP3 Hunter is clean and easy to understand. If you intend to download songs or listen to music on phone, Free MP3 Hunter can also be utilized, because it is compatible with Android phones, iPhones, PC, or Mac.

Are you looking forward to giving it a try? Open the following website: https://freemp3hunter.com/

Free MP3 Hunter


ReverbNation has a reputation for offering a stage where musicians release their original music and build a fan group. It is also one of the biggest and best free music download sites with 4 million users. Before you use it, you must log in or sign up. There are 3 login identities, artists, labels, and users that you can choose. You can search for singers, song’s label, name or lyrics on the home page to find the free download track where you will view the “+” button. Clicking the “+” button enables you directly download MP3 music.

What’s more, if you are especially fond of some artist or band, ReverbNation is your favorable option because you have access to follow the artist and band’s page and keep track of them. Whenever you encounter what you like, you can add it to your library and share it on any social media.

Undoubtedly, the awesome free music download site-ReverbNation is a wonderful music kingdom that gives you an incomparable experience. Come and give it a shot.



SoundCloud is also a recommendable free music download site. It aims to provide you with a great genre of music and reliable free music download paths. SoundCloud supports you to search for a song by means of keywords, songs’ names and owners, bands, tracks and podcasts. SoundCloud makes it easy to download music at no cost, because you can effortlessly find a Download file menu option on your result page.  

In addition, there are many creative music communities on artist’s page where music fans express their affection for a song. If you are lucky enough, you can get your favorite artist’s reply. Nothing is no more exciting than it. Only you join a community or follow a music creator, will you be informed of the new content updated by them. Users claim that SoundCloud is a wonderful communication bridge between artists and music lovers.

All in all, SoundCloud is a place where you can enjoy and downloading the most trending music at no cost. Are you eager to experience it?



The exceptional free music download site – Bandcamp discovers an amazing music world for you. You have free access to search for the best-selling songs and stream in few clicks. It is also highly convenient to download music on Bandcamp.

You may notice that some songs need to be paid for. The reason is that Bandcamp allows artists to sell their original music. But don’t worry! They are all at low price. You are free to support these outstanding artists by paying for their creations.  

Not only can you download much free music, but also you will attain unique experience. Ask me the reason? Well, because Bandcamp’s home page shows you 4 columns “Selling Right Now, Upcoming Bandcamp Live Stream, New And Notable, Bandcamp Daily.” Hence you can get informed of some issues of music, the new creations from artists and the interview content of musicians. If you show a deep interest in band, the “Upcoming Bandcamp Live Stream” column must be your favorite.

Its rich band music from different countries deserves acclaim. Bandcamp will live up to your expectation.  


Free Music Archive 

Free Music Archive has been serving as a much-reviewed free music download site since 2009. You can directly find your desired music by clicking the music genre presented on the right of the Free Music Archive’s home page. The keyword search method can quickly bring what you want. What makes it stand out among many free music download websites is that Free Music Archive is capable of recognizing the genre of what we search for. The automatic recognition feature is of great help to get a deep insight into music for people.

What’s more, Free Music Archive allows you to pick 16 genres of music, like Hip-Hop, Experimental, Folks and so on. So far, Free Music Archive has won tens of millions of users to download music for multiple intentions.

Don’t you long for using it to download music for free?

Free Music Archive


The best place to download music – BeatStars possesses a bunch of music that can be downloaded free of cost. Simply paste a link or type the related information of a song on BeatStars, then you will be offered a long list of results.

If you download too much music in your library, it is hard to find a specific song for you. You can sort them into diverse personal categories for applying in different situations.

However, you must observe that following the artist or payment is a must when you intend to download some music. In other words, it may be a channel to show your attention and respect to respected artists.

The interface of BeatStars displays many great musicians’ profiles, which is also conducive for you to find your cherished songs.



SoundClick is called the pioneer in online free music download sites created in 1997. It is dedicated to making music easily available and downloadable. With a powerful technology team supported, SoundClick lays a strong user base. Therefore, it is credible to stream and download music for free. What the pleasant thing is that various music formats are available for downloading. Opting for one format, the song will be downloaded on your computer instantly.

Additionally, SoundClick also focuses on its social performance. Its social music community allows you to launch a small communication with artists or other members from the same community.

Come and sign up on SoundClick to create your own music memory.



As a free music download site, Musopen is rich in methods to find free music download tracks. You can type musician, lyrics, song, instrument, and even time period on search bar. Millions of music is available for listening to, downloading and using for various purposes. Before downloading music, it is necessary to apply for an account.

Additionally, Musopen contributes a boon for a classical music lover. Most classical music and sheet music can be found and enjoyed for free on Museopen, which is of great convenience for many great musicians, pianists and violinists. Hence Museopen has won warm praise in the classic music field.

To sunm up, Musopen is destined to add color to your music life!


Part 2. Best MP3 Songs Free Download for Mobile

After reading the above-mentioned, you must want to ask how to download music for free on phone? What are the best MP3 songs free download site and app for mobile? 

For commuters or students, they need relaxation after a day’s work. Frequently they mentioned that listening to music on phone is how they relax and relieve pressure on their way home. Therefore, there is a great demand for apps to listen to and download MP3 songs.

How to Download Music for Free on iPhone

Are you an iPhone user? Do you often have a hassle that you can’t find a good music download app? Aimed at tackling your problem. In the next section, we will recommend you OKmusic the best free music download site for iOS and further explain how to download music by using OKmusi.

  • On iPhone, head to the OKmusi website on Safari or another browser. Then paste the link of song from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Audiomack, Facebook or type keywords on the search bar of OKmusi.
  • After going to the search result page, you can tap the “Download” button. Then you will get what you want instantly.Search for music on OKmusic website
  • Tap the “Done” button nearby to save song you want to download.Download music for free on iPhone

How to Download Music for Free on Android

Are you an Android user? If your answer is yes. Please follow me to continue your reading. The upcoming content shows you a handpicked Android free music download app-OKmusi Downloader. OKmusi app is the top option for Android users to download music at no cost. The detailed tutorial about how to download MP3 song at no cost on Android. 

  • Download OKmusi app on your phone, then open it.
  • Type song, singer keywords or paste the link of your desired music on the search bar.Search for music on OKmusi
  • Go to the search page, hit the “Download” button, then choose a music quality you want and click the “↓Download” button.Download music for free on OKmusi
  • Tap the “Done” button nearby to save the song you want to download. You can go to the Library to check your downloaded song.Save downloaded music


The prospect of streaming and downloading music has never been as easy as it is today. The above-mentioned has introduced 10 best free music download websites, a best free music download site for iOS and how to download music for free on Android.

You are at liberty to opt for one to download music for free. if you are looking for a free music downloader that works most efficiently and easily, among these free music downloader, OKmusi, MP3 Juice Downloader and Free MP3 Hunter all come at the top. We sincerely expect you to try them!


What is the best free music download site?

There is no doubt that OKmusi, MP3 Juice Downloader and Free MP3 Hunter are all the best free music download sites. They are able to download music for free easily and efficiently. Based on your preference, you can make your own decision to download music for free.

How to download music to computer?

The above-mentioned 10 best free music download websites in 2024 are all qualified for downloading music to computer. These sites are exceedingly easy to use and contain almost all songs. It is safe and trustworthy to make an attempt.